Let us help you prepare for winter:

Lighting While we are helping with your holiday light, let us install lighting at your house this year that will last you all year long for years. Hardscape lighting system install, upgrades, and repair can cost as low as $400!
Irrigation Irrigation repair, check drainage everywhere.
Winter Cleanups Raking, sweeping and bagging yard waste, rake leaves and twigs off lawns to let them breathe, weeds can appear rampantly with just a few warmer days.
Winter Pruning Deadheading, winter pruning of deciduous trees while we can see their branching habits can be done on several tree species like small maples, grapes and wisteria.
Mulch & Bark Add mulch and bark onto flower beds to protect from the winder elements.
Planting Yes, you can add new plants? Bare root fruit trees, roses, bulbs, and more can be planted in those windows when ground is not too frozen!
Containers We sell containers that hold several plants which can be kept on a deck or patio outdoors. We set up indoor containers, lights, and systems as well.
Consultation It is never too early or late to get professional information about your property so when the time comes you are well informed on your options.
Snow !! Yes, we will shovel your driveway too and do snow removal also!