Wall, Dry Stream, Path

This project was a “full meal deal” that included a retaining wall, dry stream, and slate path. The wall is both for appearance and to reduce erosion on the sloped ground. The dry stream cuts down on maintenance and gives a simple, styled appearance. The slate path cuts down on yard maintenance and just looks seriously cool.


Starting the project. The dirt area will get a slate path, the bed will get a dry stream, and the slope will get a retaining wall.

Now the work begins…


The retaining wall is being installed. It will look good and control erosion.

Wall Done!

The retaining wall looks good and keeps the soil in its place. With the wall complete we move on to the other details.

Stream & Path

The dry stream provides a low maintenance landscape that is both practical and attractive. The slate path is very practical, low maintenance, and seriously cool!

Slate Path

Close-up of the slate path — oh yes, this would look good outside of any home!


View of the completed project from the high-ground