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Whether it’s a spacious brick patio for entertaining, a decorative stone wall with cascading waterfalls, or a vivid and colorful butterfly garden, every homeowner has a vision of their ideal landscape. Given our knowledge, expertise, and years of experience as a gardener, Lynnwood homeowners can count on Yardwork, Etc. to bring those visions to life!

As is commonly know by most area landscapers, Lynnwood has an abundance of moisture and rich, fertile soil that allows for spectacular landscape opportunities. Still, the topography and geology of this region is so varied it takes skill and education to know exactly what trees, plants or landscape features are most compatible for your particular property. As a highly experienced gardener, Lynnwood area resident and founder of Yardwork, Etc., David Grimes, has the background and know-how needed to turn your vision into a reality, making sure that your dream landscape doesn’t turn into a nightmare. For instance, for those homeowners who want hardscape features incorporated into their landscape, such as a patio for entertaining, a decorative walkway, or even a tiered stone wall, proper grading and drainage are crucial to the stability and longevity of such structures. Otherwise, if rain water, snow melt and other run-off doesn’t drain properly, the pooling of moisture will adversely affect the integrity of the structure, breaking it down prematurely. This is a particular challenge in areas that have a significant slope to begin with. In those instances, grading has to be precise, and adequate drainage must be carefully planned. If not, the structure may look nice on the surface, but will quickly lose its integrity, leading to more headaches than you bargained for! Unlike other area gardeners, Mulkilteo’s own Yardwork, Etc. has a team of trained professionals who will do the job right, giving you peace of mind along with your new beautiful landscape.

potted plants horiticultural design by the gardener, Lynnwood gardenAside from hardscape structures, shrubs and plants play a large role in most landscaping projects. You need a gardener who knows which shrubs, flowers, and trees will thrive on your particular property, and which ones will not. Of course, placement is important. Knowing whether to place a particular plant or shrub in full sun, partial sun, shade, etc. is common knowledge. Lynnwood and the surrounding area, however, generally has acidic soil, and average gardeners may not know that soil composition is equally as important as placement in order for your plants and flora to thrive. Since certain shrubs, plants, and flowers don’t do well in highly acidic soil, it may be necessary to raise the pH to achieve the right balance. Typically, this is done by adding limestone to the soil. However, the proper balance varies depending upon the nature of the landscape and the type of flora being planted. Again, it takes experience and knowledge to determine what the ideal pH balance is under individual circumstances.

Building the perfect landscape can be frustrating and heartbreaking if it’s not done right. Don’t trust your vision to just anybody. Give your landscape dreams a chance by calling the professional gardener – Lynnwood Yardwork, Etc. today!

Our mission is to enhance and transform your property into a low maintenance setting of beauty and relaxation that your clients, family, and friends will enjoy for years to come. Check out our background as a gardener, Lynnwood, and then give us a call.