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Most homeowners would love to have a consistently beautiful yard and garden. Still, even the most avid Everett gardener rarely has the time and energy needed to keep their yard looking its best every day. Let’s face it, maintaining your yard in tip-top shape is time consuming, often back-breaking work. The experts at Yardwork, Etc. are here to help! At Yardwork, Etc. we want to be your go-to gardener. Everett homeowners can count on us to use our years of experience and skill to keep their yards lush and beautiful all season long!

container flowers designed by our gardener, Everett yardProper yard maintenance is more than just mowing the lawn or weeding the garden. It involves the right care and feeding for a variety of plants and shrubs. Given the environmental conditions here in the Puget Sound region, it takes a trained horticulturist to know how to properly care for the diverse types of plants and shrubs that thrive in this region. It’s important to know when to feed and fertilize, when and how to prune, and how to recognize and treat fungal growth and other pests. For instance, the Western Serviceberry, also known as Juneberry, is a very popular shrub in this part of the Pacific Northwest. However, left unattended, this attractive, mid-sized shrub could easily grow into a tree, towering up to 50 feet tall! Proper pruning, feeding, and mulching are important to keep the Serviceberry healthy and at the desired height and width while also ensuring that it will flower regularly and bear its fruit in early summer. Dave Grimes, the owner of Yardwork, Etc., is not just your average Everett gardener. He is a certified horticulturist, and employs an experienced team of horticulturists who have the experience and knowledge necessary to skillfully maintain all your plants, trees, and shrubs, keeping them properly pruned, cared for, and free from pests and disease.

Expert yard maintenance is also about preparation and clean-up. Dead leaves and other debris tend to accumulate in the Fall and decay over the cold, wet winter months. This debris, left unattended, can adversely affect the health of your yard and garden. Piles of decaying leaves other organic waste attract garden pests such as moles and mice. They also serve as the perfect breeding grounds for destructive insects such as carabid beetles and nabid bugs. The best way to avoid these pests is through thorough cleanup, both in the Fall and the Spring. Unlike other area gardeners, Everett residents can count on Yardwork, Etc. to do the job right. We don’t just blow the leaves and debris around with a leaf blower. Rather, we rake it, bag it, and take it away, so that your yard stays clean and neat, and your plants and shrubs stay strong and healthy.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, at Yardwork, etc. we do it all! So don’t waste another minute worrying about your yard. Give the experts at Yardwork, Etc. a call today and find out why, when it comes to choosing a landscape gardener, Everett residents have put their trust in us for years!

Our mission is to enhance and transform your property into a low maintenance setting of beauty and relaxation that your clients, family, and friends will enjoy for years to come. Check out our background as a gardener, Everett, and then give us a call.